School in the future

by brianp411

Sorry for the delayed post. I’ve been freaking out about my Economics exam, and I took it today and it was as hard as I imagined. I have no idea how I did on it, but anyway, that’s for another time.

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about going to a different school for accounting. At first, I wanted to go to something relatively close by. I chose Bridgewater State because it had a good accounting program, it had a reduced masters degree time, it was cheap, it wasn’t too far away, and my girlfriend would be going there for her last semester to do student teaching (which let’s face it, she wouldn’t be around campus much for that, but hey, it’s a perk), and it generally seemed like a good school. However, recently I’ve thought about going somewhere else. As I was surfing these college forums called collegeconfidential I kinda realized that Bridgewater wasn’t the perfect place to go especially if I’d want to be hired by a big firm like the Big 4. People were tossing around names, and I finally came to the conclusion that the University of Massachusetts – Amherst is a good place to go. It’s AACSB accredited, it has honors societies for accounting, and the Big 4 hire from that school and take internships from students there, along with a bunch of other medium sized firms. After hearing about all these wonderful benefits I’d get by going there, I’m thinking I might change my plans. Two things that kept me from thinking about going there earlier were the price and the distance. The school is 250 miles away from where I live and 200 miles away from my girlfriend. The other thing is it was going for 30k a year before and I wouldn’t be able to afford that. They’ve reduced their tuition costs by a bit so I’m thinking now’s a better time than ever.

If I went to UMass Amherst, I’d have to drop my job here, find a new one over there, not be able to see my friends, and see my girlfriend less than I already do now. I’m scared that while she may be OK with the idea for now, after a while, the distance might be too much for her and she may want to call it quits. I’d hate that.

So, right now I’m just trying to keep my GPA up which has become increasingly difficult this semester. It brings my attention away from all the thinking I’ll have to do soon to try to figure this all out.

I’ve also currently been having a battle with my academic dean in trying to figure out  how I can take this statistic course out of semester, meaning it can only be taken in the spring and I want to take it in the fall to graduate. I get it’s a bureaucracy because it essentially involves finding another class to put me in or creating one, and paying an instructor for it but I’m just about to call that quits and just take this stats course in the spring, even if it means I’ll just be taking one course. Gives me more time to work, I suppose.