by brianp411

Getting B’s as of late and eating differently has got me thinking…I think I’m going to enact some changes soon. I’ve really been thinking about it and while Bridgewater is a nice school, Amherst is a beautiful college town, there’s lots to do there, and I have faith in the school to prepare me for accounting.

So, I’ve recently filed my FAFSA and I’m going to be applying to the school come spring 2014 if I can get my fall Stats class out of the way. Speaking of which, I have recently submitted an application to apply for a directed study – which basically places me in a one on one class with an instructor so I can take the stats class out of sequence in the fall instead of the spring. I’m hoping I get it because I want to quickly move to this city and start living the university life – I mean I love my community college but I honestly just want to move on and experience new scenery. I want to seriously dedicate myself to something education wise. I feel like I’m lacking in so many skills from communication to listening to technical. I want to get better at it at all.

I also can’t wait to live on my own! If I can get housing there in one of their student apartments, I’ll be in heaven! I’ll finally be able to cook for myself and not have my mom cook me stuff I don’t necessarily want to eat because either 1) I don’t like it or 2) it’s unhealthy. Either way, I’ll finally get to hone my cooking skill and make some delicious, healthy food.

As we’re on the healthy food topic, every day I’ve been getting a huge Chinese food paper thing (those huge containers) of leafy green salads – no croutons, or salty additives and no fatty or salt salad dressing. God, it churns my stomach eating so many vegetables, but I’m getting used to it quickly. The second time I ate a huge thing of salad, my body felt amazing. My heart rate began to slow (and it’s never slow because I have high blood pressure) and I honestly felt so much more energized. For $5, I got a cup of fruit, a nice big water and a huge thing of salad, that’s way better than the crap I was putting into my body for a long time.

It sounds bad but ever since I started going out with my girlfriend, she would never want to eat at my house or want me to cook us dinner so we’d always end up going out to eat at fast food. Now, my mom knew I didn’t like vegetables even as I grew older so she always used to cook red meats which was bad in itself, but couple that with 3 years of fast food, almost weekly, sometimes even more regularly than that, and I was just asking for trouble. My girl, about a year ago, had to get her gallbladder removed due to gallstones which were caused by her excessively poor diet and recently I was feeling much of the same pain. Fuck that. The habits of eating fast food are hard to phase out and my friends are always telling me about new awesome foods that are very unhealthy, but I’m not doing it anymore. I can’t. I really honestly want to make a commitment to eating healthier. Eat a salad every day at school and get the right amount of veggies, eat 2 or more cups of fruits a day, and start working out and exercising (which seems to be something I only do when I’m at work since I walk and stand around a lot)

Finally, for this summer I have three main goals. For my first goal, I want to study the Principles of Accounting all over again so I can become very familiar with it which will leave me better prepared for school. It will also better help me decide if accounting is right for me. My second is goal is to study Excel like a maniac. I’m the weird guy who actually loved picking up the book ‘Excel, the Missing Manual’ and enjoyed practicing the stuff it was talking about. I only got up to the fourth chapter, to the point where I lost the chance to begin reading it again since I’ve been so busy, so I see the summer as a prime time to pick it up again and become a Excel guru. I really think it will give me an edge and would open up employment opportunities for me, (along with the fact coupled with the fact that all accountants need to know Excel! Lol) Finally, third, I want to study Calculus in depth and for real this time. I’m really fucking around in that class and just trying to get through it. I’ve never had that mentality for a class before because I’ve always seen value in my classes and the value of trying hard in them, but I’m really not retaining the information in this class  and honestly, I shouldn’t even be in it because my Algebra needs a lot of refreshing. The most critical thing to Calculus is being an Algebra master. Without that, I’m really just trying to save myself from drowning by clinging on to anything I  can find around me!

As for goals right now, I’m really trying to refine my studying. I’ve been rewriting my notes from all my classes. It sucks because for a month and a half I didn’t do this so it’s been taking forever. Prior to this, I was disappointed in the 80’s I was getting for tests and quizzes this semester so I finally typed in ‘How to study’ on Google, clicked the first link, and read this wonderful article. By the time I finished reading it, I decided to buy a bunch of notebooks and redo my studying strategy. Some of the tips are self explanatory but honestly, I’ve noticed that rewriting my notes and taking the time to SLOWLY read the chapter really helped my understanding. Previously, I found myself reading a chapter from a textbook like it was a novel and never stopping to take the time to really understand the stuff. It may have said ‘see Figure so and so’ and I wouldn’t even give it a glance.Now, I’m trying to do my best to slowly organize my class notes into freshly rewritten notes which helps me retain concepts and understand the information better. I’m also doing the 3R method to help me study for exams, which involves reading something, reciting everything I read in the chapter from memory and my understanding of it, and then reading the chapter again. The key to the reading though is like I’ve said above:  reading it slowly, and constantly asking why, or interpreting the information. If anyone is interested in reading the article, you can find it here.

That will be all for this post!

PS: I recently applied for the Student Senate at my school and I hope I can get in. They will be holding votes in the fall so I’ll be an interim member for now, but it would be a great experience. I could definitely develop my leadership, communication, and team work skills in something like that. They also have lots of events, which will keep me involved in my school before I transfer, which is awesome since the school club I started isn’t doing so great. The only issue with all those events is they are very time consuming and they might affect my ability to do well in school which I hope it will never come to that if I get picked. Hopefully, this should be a wonderful experience if I make it!