Sickness and the Working Out Summer

by brianp411

So, I feel like shit today. Recently, about a week ago, even though I continued to eat healthy, I had a little cube of cottage cheese along with my salad and that threw me off. I instantly started feeling pain and pressure on my back. At that point, I realized it was the possibility of gallstones again. I quickly looked up a way to get rid of them naturally online because the thought of undergoing a surgery that would throw me out of school and work for a week, and the digestive issues that might arise later did not appeal to me.  I found something saying that I should drink apple juice for 5 days in a row to soften them, drink epsom salt mixed with warm water to open my ducts up on the sixth day( today) and drink by the far the grossest thing I’ve ever drank – olive oil mixed with lemon juice. So, I did it. I spent a ton of money on apple juice and drank more servings than they recommended (which was 4 cups – the whole bottle was 7 servings so I was having 7 cups a day) I didn’t realize I was drinking the wrong amount of servings till today. No harm done, I suppose.

I then go to work this morning and everything’s fine – a beautiful cold morning and I go to eat lunch. Tuna fish and a salad. My salad was supposed to be left alone because I don’t like dressing but somehow some olive oil made it’s way on there. I didn’t mind it too much even though I think that pollutes the taste of the salad and makes it taste worse but hey, I gobble it down because I’m getting my veggies today, dammit. Well, apparently olive oil is suppose to ease the stones through your ducts out of your system. Well, I go back to work, and one or more of them get stuck. By stuck, I mean I feel something crawl down my back and then a sharp stabbing pain in my back. There is literally a stone stuck in ducts and I have no way to ease it down. I realized quickly this wasn’t going to be good. If I let it continue to be like that, I could develop an infection, inflammation, or even worse, pancreatis. As much as I didn’t want to miss work after only having 2 days on this week, I had to accept the lower paycheck for my health.

I rushed home and I took some of the Epsom salts – certainly not the best stuff I’ve tasted but tolerable. I fell asleep and set a alarm so I could wake up in two hours to take another dose. That made me feel amazing. It was then time to drink the nastiest concoction to defile my mouth – olive oil mixed with lemon juice. God, how I nearly hurled every single time. I drank a bunch of water afterwards but the taste still stays in mind. God awful. I’m hoping this whole natural remedy thing combined with my healthier eating will do something for me. I’m really scared to go under the knife – I don’t know what the deal is with my insurance, I don’t want to miss time or school and I just want to be better already. I’ve spent my whole Saturday at home just feeling miserable. I can’t sleep because I’m not tired but I can’t focus and work on any homework or study because I got a fever and my head is killing me.

I just hope I feel better soon – I want to be able to go out tomorrow after work or be productive.

In other news,  there has been some other changes for the positive. Today, I finally took the leap and got myself a gym membership. I hope make use of this thing and the first step is the hardest with this stuff. I mean, the only time I’ve ever worked out was in high school and that was because a friend was pestering me to go with him. So, I go, never had gone before and all I remember is all I could bench was 65 pounds, (the bar being 45 with 2 10’s on each side). I threw an 80 on and I almost dropped the bar on my throat and killed myself. After embarrassing myself, I didn’t want to go back.

I’m going to be walking into those same feelings again when I walk into the gym for the first time. I’m going to feel so out of place, but I really want to change my body. I can see that I have the potential to really look cut and become better than what I am. The whole point of me joining the gym is to see what that potential is throughout the summer and fall semester. By the end of this year, if I worked hard, I want to say this is what I was able to achieve, with a 6 pack and a bench weight of 120-160. That would be great.

Also, I was so happy to receive an email the other day saying that I got accepted into the Student Senate! I was so proud of myself. I honestly had counted myself out and was telling my girlfriend how sad it was that I didn’t get picked. I figured since I didn’t get an email from them when they send they were going to announce the candidates that I was out of the count because I didn’t get one on the day. What a welcome surprise to get that email the next day. So, now I’ve recently been looking into parliamentary procedures and how to conduct a formal meeting.  I hope I feel better so I can really get involved. In addition to that, there’s a possibility for me to join the budget committee of the school – which means as a student representative – I’d be helping with the operating budget of a school of 9,000 students! Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. So, I’ll have to get more info and some more dress clothes but that would look great on my resume. I just hope I can live up to people’s expectations and have a semblance of knowing what the hell I’m doing!

That’s it for now.