First Day of Working Out

by brianp411

So, I’m going to make this short and possibly update it later. Today was my first legit day of working out – ever. Prior to this, I had only gone to the gym once with a friend from high school because he kept bugging me about having someone to go with him. I remember back then I couldn’t do much, and I see much hasn’t changed. However, hey, you got to start somewhere.

Basically, I got a gym membership the other day on the weekend. I went through a mess trying to get my tax refund cashed and splurged on a bunch of food from cottage cheese, to 27 cans of tuna fish, to lots of chicken. Chicken is a lot less money than steak but steak is one of the top protein foods alongside turkey (which I couldn’t find outside of grounded which has a lot of fat).

Anyway, I went to the gym alone today for the first time after some of my friends from class ditched me because they had something to do for class – even though they said they’d be able to go with him a few days earlier. Oh well, plans change. I felt nervous because this was my first time and I didn’t know what I was doing. I walk in there and I’m surprised by how little attention people are paying attention to you – I don’t know if I caught the best time where the asshole juiceheads aren’t around or what but literally I was only able to do 1 set of 12 reps benching just the bar and another set of 8. I did better on the machines going up to 75+ but it really showed me how out of shape I’m in.

As I was working out and getting tired, I really realized my sheet with all the workouts I wanted to do didn’t make any sense because I couldn’t find specific machines like the calf rise. I researched extensively beforehand but I didn’t know really any of the machines so I spent a lot of my work out time trying to find out how to work the machines looking like an idiot in the process. Finally, someone came over and was like do you want help with that? It was the guy who helped me out at the front desk. He was really nice and asked me if I’ve ever done pullups? I was only able to do 1 in the past and today, I couldn’t even do one. So, he introduced me to this assisted pullup/chinup machine. I couldn’t even really do light weights on that. So, finally he was like do you know we have a free one hour session with a trainer every week? We can get that set up for you.

That’s pretty dope! You actually get personal trainers for free to help you or answer any of your questions. Anyway, I meet up with this muscular looking dude who honestly seems intimidating. He asks me what my goals are in working out and I tell him building up mass, and that I want to gain weight. I’m worried I may have told him the wrong thing, but I do want to look big anyway. I can always switch to strength training later right? He plans on having an all out training session tomorrow with me at 6. He also told me not to bring jeans and drink plenty of water. He seems like a nice guy once you prove to him that you’re serious about your stuff. I just hope tomorrow I don’t die from overexertion or have my arms shake again trying to bench 45lbs.

As for my routine, I still haven’t really found something I liked/can do yet. I subscribed to this website called Scrawny to Brawny which gives tips on everything without an overload of information which is the stuff I get from websites like and I’m hoping this program that I find online can be useful or the trainer can spot what works best for me considering that I’m so out of shape.

Despite being incredibly weak and having no upper body strength, I’m hoping to be able to bench 140 by the end of this year and bulk up. I don’t know how I’m going to do it on a minimum wage job where I have to buy so much food to keep the muscle growth but hey, whatever.