Short Update

by brianp411

This is going to be a short update to what’s going on with me. The reason for it being short are as follows 1) I’m hungry 2) I got work early tomorrow 3) I got homework 4) I’m frustrated.

Basically, this acquaintance turned friend of mine had sold me an old computer a few days ago on Tuesday the 9th. I paid $100 bucks for it and it was an old Optiplex Dell computer. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it but I thought because I could use it to prevent me from spending a fortune on a complete upgrade I’d be good. This friend of mine (his name is Jeremy btw) did present me with what it looked like on the inside. Basically, it stopped working a few days ago and he was willing to accept a return. I opened the computer up to try to fix it and see what my upgrade options were should I get it working again. Well, I get it working again and I really realize how limited this machine is. I actually bought a solid state drive the other day and I wanted to put it in there and even though it runs SATA, the motherboard would not recognize it because it’s too old. I started having buyers remorse and I wanted to trade back with Jeremy so I could get my money back. I put everything back together and it would have been perfectly OK to sell because it’s not broken at all. I offered to show him how it was working and he basically said “fuck off, I’m not accepting returns. I’m moving out of my house so I need the money” Obviously, he didn’t quite say that. That’s my overdramatization but basically what leads me to suspect that he didn’t want to do the return besides his own personal reasons and him feeling that I just had buyers remorse and I wasn’t entitled to anything, was the fact that he was moving out and getting an apartment and he has been begging on Facebook for someone to move in with him for a while now. He needs money and he needs help and thus, he wanted to hang on to that $100 as much as possible otherwise he probably wouldn’t be able to move in despite me giving him time to pay me back.

So basically, I’m now left with a old piece of shit computer just sitting here that I paid 100 bucks for to use as a paperweight. He says I could sell it for $100 easily because it contains Windows 7 Enterprise and then I told him anyone who bought that might think that the OS is pirated because a lot of people do that to make a quick buck. He instantly became offended  and that’s when the cream of the crop happened. This newly elected member turned officer (2 days in) who I thought would be a great member and leader for this club quit just like that and removed himself from an event he agreed on doing. I told him this was unprofessional and he was involving our personal disagreement in the club and that’s wrong but he didn’t care. He ignored me and then told me that I made changes to the constitution by myself that he didn’t read. He also reminded me that he didn’t sign anything and so he could do whatever he wanted and leave when he wanted even though I had a short clause that said that all members or officers could be removed for not meeting their responsibility (which in this case would have been giving us 2 weeks notice). It was also stated that it was important that officers and members read the constitution before joining. Therefore, technically it was on him for not doing what he was supposed to.

Man IDK. Part of the reason I enjoy this blog is because I don’t have to make sense when I talk and I feel like this is one of those times.

I called this the BCC Tech Club and we’ve run into so many fucking issues of late! I’ve wanted to give up,  I’ve had huge member inactivity, officer removals, etc. I won’t give up on this organization or its mission though. IDC if it takes me to the edge.

Basically now where it stands, I’m going to have to rewrite the whole constitution or at least major parts with another officer before this event on Thursday which leaves us with 4 days to make entire changes to this club so the members know what’s expected of them and what the rules are. We’re planning on having a  quiz on the constitution to test peoples reading, knowledge, and acceptance of its bylaws and terms. We also need to rewrite it so that it looks more official with amendments, sections, articles, and the whole business.

This is going to be a rough few weeks with this thing. I wish I could start over but you know what? If the club doesn’t succeed here at this campus than I would have learned something. Without a plan you’re nothing, and pick the right people you hang out with!

That’s it for tonight. So, yeah, not really a short update but meh, I tried. Now to finish some homework and have some peanut butter and jelly.

PS: I’ve officially quit working out to bulk up and get muscular. I’ve let go of a lot of guilt I’ve had with it because I’ve realized I’m not that into it and without 100% dedication and motivation I would not have gotten the results I wanted. It also eats up too much money when you’re consuming $3,500 calories a day. Right now I’m trying to focus my money on paying for summer classes I got to take and building a newer computer that I can be proud of. It will be my second build ever. Go me! 😀