Broken into

by brianp411

I know I haven’t written on this in a while but today I seriously need to vent. I have so much work and studying to do for some upcoming exams and I can’t even focus on them because of something that happened today in the morning. I’m already kind of late because I slept in for an extra 20 mins. because I was up late last night working on some homework. I head up the hill to go to my car to go to school and I find all the doors unlocked and all my c0mpartments open. I see stuff lifted that wasn’t like that the night before and I quickly realize I’ve been robbed. My GPS is gone, my tire pressure gauge, a flash drive with music on it and a couple of misc. items. I figure I should call the cops and report it but what good is that going to do? They’re not going to get back my stuff and I just decide that going to class is more important than dealing with this right now. When I get out of class, I check the trunk to make sure nothing’s been robbed there, and I see my expensive hydraulic car jack robbed.

The amount of car items robbed leads me to suspect it’s one of the asshole neighbor kids who think it’s cool to race their P.O.S Honda’s and everything. But, I swear, I’m not a violent person but any stretch of the imagination but if I catch the person who did this, I will bash their head in until they can’t see straight. You don’t go into someone elses property and steal their hard earned shit. These kids who live on my street are all bums, bringing baby drama and BS occasionally to my peaceful and good neighborhood and wreaking havoc ever since I was a kid.

I think about it logically and is it worth going to jail because some kids robbed $300 worth of items from my car, no, but if they were the ones to do it, I would honestly not hesitate to enact my revenge either on their cars or themselves personally.

I’m just leaving this post frustrated and unable to focus on my work. Now, I have to always double check that my doors are locked, park as close to my house as I can (which is a nightmare because these asshole kids take up all the parking spots in front of my house, thus forcing me to park further away from my house with less security), and they escape with a GPS full of addresses of people I care about or have visited.