Started from the Bottom..just kidding!

by brianp411

I haven’t posted on here in ages and I’d thought I’d update this before the end of the month!

Last time I posted I was in a fit because someone had broken into my car and stolen several things. After venting, I realized I forgot to lock one of the doors on my car and that was probably how the person got in. I kinda feel pretty stupid about that but it’s a mistake anyone can make. On the bright side though, it gives me an excuse to buy all new stuff for my car. I now have bigger storage so I can listen to more music, I park closer to the house which makes it easier to bring groceries home, and it gives me an excuse to buy a new GPS (the last GPS belonged to my parents).

As for school, things are winding down. It’s finals week next week so I’m stressing out about that. For all the stressing I’m doing though, I’m not studying quite as hard as I should be. I guess it’s that senioritis kicking in. I just want to get to sleep in already. I have all 8AM classes with Student Senate committee meetings that take up a good portion of time into the late night so it will be nice to have some time off. I also got a bit Biology exam coming up that’s going to be rough! It’s one of the most intensive science classes I’ve taken thus far.

Additionally, I recently applied to an accounting internship although I fear I may have applied for it too late since most of the places around here have filled their intern positions. This only sets me back till the fall, but it shows me the importance of getting things done on time. The only good thing is it kind of saves me money because I would have to take an accompanying course with this thing that’s 3 credits over the summer which would mean more money out of my pocket.

I also had a great experience the other day at school. Previously last week, on our Student Senate agenda, we had listed that Senator Micheal Rodrigues of Massachusetts would be paying us a visit so we could speak to him about any issues we had academic or otherwise. We decided to dress formally that day and I went out and bought me a reasonably priced suit jacket, pants, and shirt for about $200. In the suit world, that’s about as low as you can get for blended materials. Definetly not stuff you can wear every day! Anyway, I decided to wear this stuff on the day that the senator would be coming in and all day I got compliments on how I looked from random people.  My fellow senators also complimented me and told me how sharp looking I looked. It’s the first time I ever formally wore a suit to something like that and definitely encourages me to try it again.

As for the meeting with the senator, he was really a down to earth guy. Not the type of down to earth so you can play down to the ‘commoners.’ He really genuinely seemed like he cared about this area of south-coast Massachusetts and the extreme hard times we’ve run into. I don’t personally know where he’s from but I think he really understands where we’re coming from and what we need to do to bring this place of Massachusetts out of the dumps.

By the way, if you were wondering why we’ve run into hard times, it goes like this: the city where I live called Fall River used to be the textile capital of the world with huge mills on every block. However, all the textiles factories have long since dried up and the manufacturing jobs have all be sent overseas. So, the big problem now is the transition to other jobs. Think about it: you’re 56 years old, you’ve worked the same job for 25 years and you knew that job better than anyone. However, when that job doesn’t exist anymore, what do you do? You have to educate yourself and learn like the rest of us and unfortunately technology companies want young blood and they don’t like hiring older people getting into the field. Even if the youth around here do pursue their degrees, it’s usually not in the STEM fields which puts us severely at a disadvantage compared to other more tech savy cities. As a result, if by some miracle we do get someone who wants to pursue an engineering or technology career here in Fall River, they usually have to move elsewhere to find a job. The technology and engineering companies don’t want to hire around here because there’s no qualified work force. Thus, the cycle continues.

Finally, what’s next for me after finals are over? I’ve been working on this computer that I’m planning to build with money I earn over the summer. It’s going to be my best computer yet and it will be used for gaming, video editing, and audio production. I’ll be getting into my long forgotten hobbies like graphic design and beat making! Can’t wait. I’ll also be using it to get back into programming and creating a personal portfolio/community website. Please look out for that!

That’s it for now!

-Signing out until next time.