Quick Update

by brianp411

Got my new chair from Ikea today. For anyone who is wondering, it’s called the Ikea Markus. While it’s not the top of the line $1500 dollar  German chair, it will suffice (at least my initial opinions tells me it will). I am getting closer to finishing the computer. Just need a new GFX card (7950) so I can get dual monitors set up and and a nice sound card. Everything after that will be accessories such as fans, keyboard/mouse,  printer, etc.

I hope to get my website up by next month so I will start working on that ASAP! I will be keeping a list of updates of my build on there. Again, I hope to see you guys all there when it’s created. It will be a hangout corner where you can talk about whatever you want, have discussions, and share your artwork. I don’t plan to compete with huge websites like Deviantart or anything but a website of a few regulars would make for a great time!

Anyway, as for employment updates, I’ve been applying to more places to finally be able to quit Home Depot. I’ve also looked at some of KPMG’s material for personal branding. It goes over how to take everything about yourself such as your values, skills, knowledge, interests, and goals,  and put it all into one complete package you can use as your brand, just like a business brand. You can then present that to an employer. Part of that is keeping track of your accomplishments whenever you do something so you can better relay that information to employers. This is why, like I’ve said in a previous post, I’m going to keep a accomplishment journal with a list of stories/surrounding context so I’ll have concrete examples to make answering those behavioral questions a breeze.

As for getting those accomplishments, I’m going to try to keep my time busy with all sorts of school activities and events. I want to get into tutoring, join/start a book club, be part of honors groups, do Student Senate again (great experience), and just generally get involved in everything my future school(s) have to offer.

By the way, if any of you have any suggestions for how to score more accomplishments that are relevant to the business world, I’m all ears! Getting into the Big 4 is one of my major goals! Public accounting may not turn out to be my cup of tea but it would give me invaluable experience dealing with difficult and stressful situations.

PS: My school has invited me for a second (limited time) offer to participate in the Commonwealth Honors Program which involves research into areas of our majors, a culminating project, and a honors class. It really helps distinguish you as a student in a community college. I’m thinking about doing it but it does involve a ton of work! On average, you’ll spend 20+ hours studying per project and you need to do four by a specific deadline. Therefore, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it with all the stuff I have going on.