Coming Up

by brianp411

Just a quick five minute update: Got an interview coming up on Monday. I hope that goes well. I really want to find another job. I’m getting sick of working at Home Depot. I mean at first I liked it because the job wasn’t that bad and it was close to where I lived but knowing I have to work in 95 degree weather tomorrow with a bunch of lazy people does not make things better. I want to continue advancing my skill set to find something new. I got this idea that I’d like to do this (become a cashier (for cash handling experience) -> teller -> bookkeeper (junior) -> accountant (senior, work on CPA for a year). Obviously, I don’t think it will quite work out that way but that’s basically what I’m aiming for. I’m hoping I can ace Intermediate Accounting next fall because that’s really what will be the deciding factor if I’ll be good at accounting or not. I’d hate to have to tack on loans for something I’m not cut out for.

As for computer updates, I recently just got in my G600 Logitech mouse and I must say I agree with the reviews. It really does take some getting used to. I have big hands so I’ve always had bigger mice like my last one, the Razer Deathadder. This one, while still large, is a little hard to grasp because of all the macro buttons on the side. However,  when I finally do get accustomed to it, it will be great. DPI switching and being able to map keyboard shortcuts will make it desirable for not only games but also for lots of complex tasks in Photoshop and other programs. Definitely looking forward to that! As for other tech, I also got the Logitech K70 keyboard. This is my first mechanical keyboard and my initial impressions are ‘this thing is hard to type on!’ It’s got Cherry MX switches which are supposed to be better for typing but I still find myself mistyping stuff all the time. I guess I got to get used to it but it’s proving difficult. Other than that, it feels like a great piece of hardware. The back-lighting is really bright and the media keys work really well.

I’ll also be getting in a 7970 Vapor X card which will be my first real graphics card to game with. I plan on getting a dual monitor setup for some gaming and multitasking. I got some real savings with that thing as the very next day it’s being listed for $100 more than what I paid for it. Really lucky that I got grabbed it for the price that I did ($369).

Finally, I caught a flat tire at my girls house the other day. The mechanic only plugged it up (although he did do it for free) which sucks because now it’s not holding up and I’m going to have to get a new tire. The ones I got were pretty expensive Hankooks that were rated for 90,000 miles. I’m afraid because my alignment is getting knocked off by potholes and other suspension issues, they’re getting eaten up. Last time I took them to the mechanic they said it had 12/32 thread when I just bought these things in January with only 4,000 miles on them. Somethings really not right here! I think I just got the short end of the straw when it came to getting this car. I mean, it’s not the worst, I like it, it’s my first car, and it’s great on gas (98′ Corolla) but it seems of late that a lot of things are going out on it and they need replacing. Maybe I’m complaining about it too soon because I’d rather be spending my money on computer stuff but I already have over $600 in repairs coming up.

Anyway, off to another wonderful day of retail tomorrow! I guess I should go to bed even though I don’t want to. I’ve been watching Basilisk on Netflix all day and it’s a pretty sweet anime. Makes me want to update my tiny anime collection (more on that in a future post).

PS: I signed up for the Commonwealth Honors Program. I’m thinking now, I have a high possibility of failing this program because most people don’t end up finishing it and run out of steam in the end. Basically, it’s going to be a group of three projects with one honors seminars course (Leadership course, with guess what? Another project). So, basically, it’s going to be four major projects over the course of a year. The project can be anything I want but it’s basically going to be on the premise of coming up with a question and answering it by whatever means. I’m thinking about doing an ethics project in accounting.

Again, for selfish promotion purposes: Please keep your eyes out for my a new website I want to be starting! It’s going to be a hangout area where people can have discussions of any kind, post artwork, music, etc. and generally be a relaxed environment. I’d love to have some in depth discussions with some of you! I’ll be posting some of my drawings, beats, and other stuff I’ve been working on. I want it to be a place where people can just discuss things from computers, to anime, to music, to whatever you want! Hope to see you guys all there. I’ll begin working on it after I get in my video card which will allow me to have two monitors which will speed up the process! I already have my concept designs in place, now it’s just a matter of actually producing a product.