Fall 2013 Updates

by brianp411

I’ve finally quit Best Buy and found me a new job working at a liquor store. I find the oddest jobs sometimes but at least it’s in the city where I live – a first for me ever since I started working at the age of 18. Even though it doesn’t pay much, it saves me a bundle in gas which is important since I end up blowing most of my money by the end of the week on junk food and never end up saving up $20 bucks to get me through the week. I’m liking the environment so far.  Everybody is really showing me the ropes and taking the time to properly train me and go over everything. It’s a nice laid back small business atmosphere without policies about everything. Thank god because If I had to get people to buy vodka then I don’t think this place would be right for me. Lol.

Anyway, it’s midterm season and I keep  daydreaming about what my computer business will be like in the future as I learn new software. I have a clear idea of the atmosphere I want to set out and the type people I’d like to hire. The services and products, eh, not so much. This daydreaming worries me at the same time because I’m learning QuickBooks now and while it’s really simple to use, I feel like I still have a long way to understanding accounting because I’m finally actually working with real numbers instead of examples used out of the textbook. It’s far removed from the textbook learning I’ve done so far because I’m looking at typical small business sales of $20,000 a week. Big numbers for a small timer like me but collectively, it’s only a small fraction of what I might be managing someday. The pressure is on I guess…

Speaking of computers I want to set up a small home server, cloud storage for streaming music to my devices, and a HTPC which will be my main gaming machine and movie streaming machine to a 32″ LED TV (oh how I wish it was truly OLED) I’ll be getting for my room. Of course, this is going to cost me a ton of money and it’ll take me a while to get but hey if those guys who blow 10 grand on a exhaust can do it then why can’t I?

Like I said earlier this year, I want to set up a website to have discussions, debates, and everything else. It doesn’t seem like I’ve had much time to do any of that but it is still in the works in my test environment. That being said, I think if I have some time off during Thanksgiving that I’ll bust ass and try to get fully completed by then! I’d love to have the opportunity to talk to some of you guys!