Fresh Beginnings

by brianp411

Sorry for the long lapse in writing. I’ve been reestablishing new focus and direction. I recently quit my liquor store job to apply for a job at the Post Office and I’ve been trying to get an accounting internship. I’m happy to report that I’m finding new direction because even though the higher paying Post Office job didn’t work out and I’m currently unemployed (save for work study at my school) this has given me some opportunity to think and reflect on myself. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do and I’ve finally had time to work on things I’ve been wanting to focus on for a while. I’ve been developing some Excel skills and devoting some time to studying it for an hour each day. I’ve been using the Slaying Excel Dragons series on YouTube and it’s been really helpful. I really ignored my need for visual learning for a while until I recently stumbled on some tutorial videos on YouTube and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I can grasp things a thousand times faster than reading the same passage in a book over and over again. I think I’ve finally found something that works for me. As a result, I think all my notes are going to include YouTube links and references in the future!

As for the internship, I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to find an internship so close to home working with the assistant comptroller at my college. She seems very friendly and keen on getting me to learn the things I want to learn and get out of my internship rather than just serving coffee or doing mindless tasks. I look forward to my first day on Thursday!

In regards to direction, well, finally having the time to look at my life and decide for myself what makes me happy has really given me an invaluable opportunity to decide for myself whether money and work is all that’s important. I realize that my obsession for computers is always going to cause me to spend lots of money – but I shouldn’t be killing myself working 4+ jobs to maintain a unreasonable expensive hobby. Since then I’m just trying to focus on what’s going to improve me as a professional working in the business field. This is why I’m hoping to improve a skill or a set of skills over a a period of few months so I have time to reflect and practice on what I learn.

Finally, I’m narrowing down the universities I want to go to to continue for my Bachelors/Masters. As with anything, I’m probably going to have to take private loans regardless if I get scholarships or not because it’s going to be a tie between UMass Amherst (great public college for business) or Bryant University (small private college, also great for business) – one is 22k (on campus) and the other is 38k (commuting). If I can get the latter closer to state school levels I’ll definintly go for it because it will be closer (albeit a little more expensive on gas because I’ll be commuting) and it really just seems catered to business in and out. It really seems like the go to school for what I want to do and the place to be if I want to be surrounded by like minded individuals.

Anyway, more updates to follow – hopefully soon. Good night!