Our small world and ramblings

by brianp411

Sensory overload, a focus on all things but really nothing at all. You know? My girlfriend once told me I should write down my insights and my views on things and I never gave it any thought because I didn’t think anybody would want or care to read them. But even if that’s the case, I have my insights into philosophy sometimes that I want to look back at so I’m deciding to write them down.

Back, to that sensory overload topic: We have so much going on that our magnificent brains can’t even process them all. The one thing we can’t conquer in it’s entirety is ultimately finite in it’s capabilities. So, we consciously choose what to focus our attention on. On a smaller scale, we choose what we look at, what things in our surroundings we ignore and blur from our vision, and the things we listen to whether it’s a background conversation, music, or our own internal dialogues. But there are more significant things that we choose to focus on: relationships, money, pleasure, pain, loss, stimulation, love but why? Why choose some things over others? What’s the point of it all? Why do we choose to focus on the things that hurt us rather than the things that brought us joy? Why do we focus on relationships to others rather than focus on our relationship to ourselves? Why do we look for outside affirmation of things when we can affirm ourselves? Are we truly not our own masters? We’re peculiar things us humans. We focus on the negatives and we complain about our pain. We focus on the pleasure and don’t take into account the consequences. We live in some fantasy world and the facts of life are as dull to us as a slathered gray on a canvas. We don’t take the time to notice the things around us, the simplicity and complexity of things boiled down into small core concepts and components. Life is actually really easy – it’s humans that make it more complex. They drive the level of complexity to the levels of the universe in which they are only a small hundredth of a fraction part of.

Why do we focus so much on everything but the things that really matter? The ability for me to type something like this on a page was unimagined until 20 years ago and our natures absorb it and take it in like nothing. There are others who focus too much on the differences and don’t realize the adaptive and unpredictable nature of the world. Free will may be a hoax adapted by neurons, and atoms, and things we don’t truly understand yet but the fact is the choice is still there. I can feel sorry for myself, I can be hurt, the emotions can be there but I need to acknowledge them and understand that this isn’t the end. We’ve survived this long to survive through loss. Human kind has survived through unsurpassed suffering and we’ve all gone through it so pain is just a small part of the experience we call living and the shell we call our bodies.

That’s it for now. 🙂