That scent

by brianp411

It’s funny how often we hate things when we discover them about someone. Maybe they like a certain song, a scent, and color that you dislike. Maybe they have values that differ from yours. Maybe they see the world through a different set of lenses. Loss brings all these things together into a blurry unclear reality.

I was walking along the beach the other day when I saw the orange embers of a fireplace along this pathway guided by a lustrious golden moon. The moon shined so close to the Earth. The scent of burning wood would drive me away but now brings back fond memories of closeness and a bond of child and mother, of lovers by a camp site.

What tears, what words can be said? I have given it my all. Still I try. Still I long to be part of that moon. But the light will fade as it goes into the clouds like the soft keys of a piano. I love her. As my anger, fear, sadness and all blend into one mesh of unrecognizable emptiness like a lone room I realize that I will always love her. I cared for her so deeply. May the light of that moon shine in her beautiful face and may it lead me to peace.