Migration into the new world!

by brianp411

I always come up with the best titles for these things, right? The day has finally come my blog followers. I have risen from the dead, save up the $70 I needed and started my own website with my own domain. It is also a blog website but rather than just hold my thoughts, it will hold my travel photos, my computer builds, my life – as long I am still living. I got a new laptop now so typing up a blog post is really enjoyable especially with some nice comfy Sennhessier 598’s. 😀

So, for all of those who care or are interested my new website is found HERE. HTTP://briansthoughts.name

I thoroughly enjoyed using WordPress for it’s hosting capabilities but the time has come for me to maintain and host my own site and take control of my life and future. Thank you all for your support and help through my difficult breakup last year. First girlfriends are always the toughest to get over.

I intend to close this blog within a few weeks while maintaining some of my older posts. I will probably trying to import them into my new site if it’s possible. Thank you again and have a great new year!